Mirra Co Inc., has many careers opportunities in a variety of areas. Our employees are offered health and dental insurance and a 401K plan. We also offer paid holidays and accrued paid time off. If you are interested in working for Mirra Co Inc., please complete the form below. Mirra Co Inc., is an Equal Opportunity/Substance Free Employer.


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Available Positions


Foreman is responsible for supervising field crews involved with installation, repair, and maintenance of underground service lines and utility equipment. The foreman follows safety practices and communicates directly with crews and supervisors. The foreman should have the ability to understand blueprints, ability to lead a crew in hazardous conditions, be reliable, and show initiative. Foremen are responsible for the inspection of job sites and providing job-related feedback to supervisors.

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CDL Driver

CDL Drivers are responsible for transporting materials between sites using a truck. They are required to perform inspections to maintain vehicles. Drivers are required to follow job specific safety practices to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

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Fiber Optic Splicer

Splicers will operate tools and test equipment including fusion splicers, clever, fiber prep tool, OTDR, etc. They will test, activate, and troubleshoot fiber links during and after installation. Splicers operate bucket truck lifts safely and follow all job specific safety practices. They will be able to understand and interpret fiber optic matric and build to design. Splicers track daily production and accurately record work on jobs.

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Aerial Lineman

Aerial Linemen must be able to operate aerial devices, install, maintain, and reconstruct line equipment, and work with a team in a fast paced environment. Linemen must be able to work for extended periods of time, have the ability to follow safety policies in hazardous environments, and must be able to read drawings and maps.

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Laborers are responsible for working on a team to install and maintain underground utilities. This process involves excavation, electrical work, heavy lifting, traffic direction, and the use of a variety of job specific tools. Jobs are typically located in urban settings. Laborers have ample opportunity to specialize in an area of expertise to advance their careers at Mirra Company. Employees here can expect to be challenged and supported at any level of their career.

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