Fiber Optic Services

Mirra Company has many years of expertise to install fiber optics or repair outages for fiber optic networks. We have the ability and equipment to operate in a variety of settings including busy urban areas.

We have a commitment to our customers if issues arise. We take our installations, repairs, and outage control seriously so we can provide value to customers with a high expectation of service.

Fiber Optics Services

Cable Route

Optical Fiber
Splice Planning

Optical Loss

Fiber Network

Coupler Planning

Reconstruct Fiber Network Documentation for Existing Networks

Optical Fiber
Fusion Splicing


Fiber Management
System Installation

Single & Multi
Mode Installation

Ribbon Fiber Installation:
24-864 Count Fibers

Mirra Co., Inc. offers 24/7 Emergency
Outage Services for All Our Customers

Phase 1

Cable Route Planning Optical Fiber Splice Planning Optical Coupler Planning.

Phase 2

Building Fiber.

Phase 3

Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing.

Phase 4

OTDR Testing Optical Loss Measurements.