In 1953…

Norino and Mary Mirra both founded a small excavation company in Woburn, Massachusetts soon after Norino moved to the United States from Italy. Norino Mirra started out with a 1939 Plymouth, a wheelbarrow and a few hand tools doing landscaping work while Mary was in charge of keeping track of the books, money and most importantly the cooking! With this humble beginning, Norino and Mary established Mirra Co., Inc..

Norino Mirra Sr. passed in 1988 and that is when Norino Jr. and Ralph Mirra took the reins. For the years and decades to follow, Mirra Co., Inc. grew into new industries including utilities and telecommunications. The two sons of Norino and Mary, Ralph and Norino Mirra Jr., led the company into the solid organization it is today. After Mary and Ralph’s death in 2014, Norino has taken the helm at Mirra Co., Inc. as its President and leader.