Apprentice/Training Program

A Visible Path Forward

A clear career track that is designed and suited just for you.

The pathway to a successful career.

Our apprentice/training program allows for a visible path forward, ensuring that every member of our team avoids complacency, is able to advance and to grow laterally (in other departments), and has ownership of their career.

Training Programs

New Hire Orientation

A mandatory in the classroom and hands-on training for all new hires to enhance safety awareness, safety skills, review of policies and procedures.


Mandatory for all employees to carry the OSHA 10 certification. Mirra helps with costs associated in obtaining the certification upon arrival for those without the card.

CPR/First Aid

Field and Office staff are eligible for CPR/ First Aid and AED training. Our goal is to have all employees training and prepared to respond to any emergency they may face in the field or office setting.

Hazwoper 40-hour

For employees in a leadership role who will be exposed to hazardous material, Mirra will provide Hazwoper 40-hour certificate followed by yearly 8-hour refresher training.

Trenching and Excavation

Employees involved with excavation and trench work go through a thorough training on hazards, mitigation techniques and how to safely work around or in a trench or excavation.

Confined Space

In addition to inhouse confined space training Mirra Offers a 3rd party Confined Space Entry and Rescue training for employees.

Aerial Device Operation and Bucket Rescue

All employees who operate a bucket or aerial device will go through an extensive training on safety, use and Bucket rescue.

Fall Protection

All employees go through Fall Protection training to understand the risks of working from height and how to protect themselves from the hazards associated.

Electric Hazard Awareness

All employees receive electrical hazard awareness training. For employees who are faced with electrical hazards on a day-to-day basis go through a more structured and rigorous training process.

Driver Safety

Mirra is dedicated to promoting and ensuring a safe driving environment not only for employees but everyone else on the road. Mirra trains all employees on defensive driving techniques, driver awareness, load securement and the operation of Commercial Motor Vehicles.