Providing Electric Utilities with Civil Support

Spanning across Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

Providing updates and maintenance to the underground electrical systems:

  • New civil underground installations
  • Urban Residential Development (URD)
  • Tie ins to new and existing plant
  • Emergency civil services

Meet Mirra Co.

“I joined Mirra Co. back in 2014 as a laborer. After earning my operator’s license and continually gaining more experience with the company, I became a foreman in the summer of 2017. It’s been a pleasure working within our electric division throughout the greater Worcester area and I look forward to continuing my growth with the Mirra team.”
Joe Velozo
Civil Electric Foreman - Worcester, MA
"I am Vincent Pina Sr. and I have been with Mirra for over 10 years. I’m a foreman in the Electric division. Mirra has a lot of good people – from supervisors to workers in the field - and everyone is supportive. It is a great place to start with and learn the ropes, as well as grow with the company. What you put in is what you get … if you work hard it pays off. There is plenty of opportunity here, especially to learn a variety of skills on utilities and regular construction. It’s dynamic every day."
Vincent Pina Sr.
Civil Electric Foreman - Boston, MA

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